Paper Plane - Custom lists

Alt title: Zhi Feiji

Paper Plane
  • Breaking Through the Clouds
  • Bittersweet Martini
  • Bai Jiu Nan Chan
  • A Single Strike Of Shimmering Frost
  • A Couple of Handsome Men

Gorgeous & Intriguing Shounen-ai Webtoons (BL) by Chu66u6

A list of Danmei (Chinese BL) and Korean BL webtoons. Featuring stories of crime, mystery and drama, with gorgeous art and all in full color.

  • 101 Lovers Pet
  • 100% Perfect Girl
  • 36 Arts of Husband Cultivation: Fight me, Hubby! Come on, Honey!
  • 27 College Street
  • 18 Going On 25

Officially translated manhua by Bilibili Comics by Meron

This is a list of manhua published in English by Bilibili Comics. These are either incomplete, ongoing or fully published in English.