Panikuru Iko-san!

Ch: 3
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Panikuru Iko-san!

14-year-old Kazeta Izaemon is hit by a limousine on the way to school, and is brought to a hospital by the limo's owner, a rich woman by the name of Momoizumi Hanae. Unfortunately, the doctors mistake Izaemon for a patient in queue for a sex change operation... but is it a mistake? Or has Hanae actually launched a devious plan to make Izaemon her lesbian love-slave?

Source: MU

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kilrazan's avatar
kilrazan Jan 15, 2019
Score 4/10

A bit run-of-the-mill in terms of the Yuri content, which is by no means a bad thing, but it doesn't really strive to push any evelopes either. The story feels a bit stunted, like the author had one idea and started to run with it, but couldn't figure out anywhere to take it. In the end it just makes the story feel like a flimsy excuse to put a teenage boy's mind in a woman's body so the author could put a... read more

Binky007's avatar
Binky007 Mar 8, 2018
Score 8/10

This manga has a good plot and i like the super yuri aspect of this manga but its a 16+ but if you like yuri and are above 16  I would highly recomend this manga. read more


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