Pandora's Choice - Custom lists

Alt title: Pandora-ui Seontaek

Pandora's Choice
  • Across the Milky Way!
  • A Compendium of Ghosts
  • A Cat's Tale
  • A Bookstore Romance
  • 4 Week Lovers

Official English: Manta Comics by kpossibles

Webtoon series licensed on Manta. This list is ongoing and will be updated as needed. Please support the official releases! || Last update: 5/4/2021

  • Dallae
  • Clash of the 8 Warriors
  • Capture
  • Arcana Fantasy
  • 49 Days

Winners of Lezhin Comics Contests by AnnaSartin

These webtoons won prizes in Lezhin's "World Comic Contest", "Big4 Contest" or "US Comic Contest". Top winners will be noted.

  • 100% Perfect Girl
  • 30 Days With You
  • 10 Years in the Friend Zone
  • 4 Cut Hero
  • 1 Plus 1 (Soru)

Official English manhwa by RoyalOss

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