Panda Noko

Vol: 1; Ch: 41
2012 - 2013
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Panda Noko

Sasatake Noko is crazy about pandas, and she has all sorts of panda stuff at her house. One day, a new girl panda arrived from China to join the panda at Ueno Zoo, and there were rumors that the new panda might even be pregnant! Noko showed up to greet the truck carrying the new panda, but noticed that the back door seemed slightly open when it went by. Then she noticed a small, kind of rat-like animal on the ground. After taking it in, Noko realized it was an infant panda, which must have been birthed in the truck and fallen out. Now she has achieved her dream of having a panda of her very own, and she's determined to raise it herself!

Source: MU

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