Pampered by Stern-Faced CEO

Alt title: Meng Qi You Du: Leng Mian Nan Shen Chong Zha Tian

Ch: 60+
2019 - ?
3.864 out of 5 from 21 votes
Rank #13,862
Pampered by Stern-Faced CEO

Her husband brought the mistress home publicly, and they even saw her bedroom as their own. Shen Yan is in extreme despair, and accidently used Dongfang Li's luxurious car as toilet while drunk. After signing a contract, she finally realized that Dongfang Li was not a person that she can offend...

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The story is similar to many other CEO stories and that might be the reason why people would want to read it but it doesn't seem all that different.  Warning: MAY CONTAIN MILD SPOILERS Story: The plot is too fast paced and it isn't enjoyable as the story moves from one scene to the other too fast. It's also very similar to other CEO stories where the male lead might have met the female lead in the past but doesn't remember her and that he already has someone he likes but slowly falls for the FL and he is always helping the FL some or the other way and treats her differently which gets noticed by his men.  The good points of the plot are The ML is nice to the FL and is better than the trashy male leads of some other CEO stories. The ML seems to be the cold type who stays away from woman but sincere enough who would pamper her.  The bad points of the plot are The plot is too fast paced to get attached to the story.  The FL seems stupid though it would be fun to those who like stupid but still short tempered FLs.  The plot seems to be predictable.  Art: No complaints with the art. It's good and I like it but it's not my favorite.  Characters: The FL is stupid to the point I wonder how she is still alive till now, which I suspect is because of her best friend. The ML is nice and though he seems rude, he helps her. He does seem stingy cuz like till the part I read he hasn't really helped her with money or anything like that, though he keeps forgiving her which is already a big thing for someone like him to do when she keeps breaking his things. The FL has a jerk of an ex husband and it is also one thing similar to other stories, having a trashy ex and being bullied by the white lotus partner and some adults in this case who is the ex's mother.  Overall, this story is recommended to those who want to read CEO manhwas and manhuas. 

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