Alt title: White Dragon

Vol: 3; Ch: 17
1997 - 1998
3.535 out of 5 from 84 votes
Rank #8,829

When Ayaka Nozawa's parents are killed by members of the Okima yakuza, she is told by a friend to run to White Dragon, an assassin for hire. Infuriated by the injustice inflicted upon her, White Dragon agrees to help her exact her revenge; but even after her revenge is carried out, the two are forced to stay together, since the only food White Dragon can now eat is Ayaka's cooking! Who will White Dragon be hired to help next, and how will he continue to protect Ayaka?

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wolfdv Oct 22, 2009
Score 2/10

The tale of a man who cross dresses as a woman and kills a bunch of people with...water?  Add a young girl who has him addicted to her cooking and you've got White Dragon.How infuriating... read more



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