Oyasuminasai no Ato wa

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
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Oyasuminasai no Ato wa

Kotaru Tanaka is an Omega single parent who is dating his son's kindergarten teacher, Himura Suguru. Although the two men are deeply in love, their complicated pasts are currently complicating their present. Kotaru was sexually promiscuous in his youth; he can barely remember the night his son Otsujiro was conceived and has no idea who the boy's father is. Himura, meanwhile, lives in fear of his Alpha instincts and carries a heavy burden of guilt for raping an Omega in heat during a rut. When Himura's insecurities begin to pull him away from Kotaru, Kotaru suddenly finds himself in danger of being drawn back into the kind of life he desperately wanted to leave behind. Can this pair find a way to embrace a future together and form the family that they - and little Otsujiro - all dearly long for?

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sunsoramoon Dec 6, 2018
Score 7/10

Oyasuminasai no Ato wa is an Alpha x Omega Manga. As you read the story you will learn the hardships of the Omega's and Alpha's lifes in their past and present. 
It's cool how the mangaka took different steps and made the main characters in a relationship already, to focus more on  their past and character... read more

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