Outlaw Players

Vol: 12+
2016 - ?
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Outlaw Players

Following the development of virtual reality, Thera, a revolutionary and ultra-realistic online game to the almost infinite universe is born. Inside, everyone can become what they want and experience many adventures. But for Sakuu, the first immersion turns into a nightmare: unable to disconnect, he finds himself a prisoner of a virtual world populated by wild creatures. Without access to the interface of the game nor to the items of care, who knows what will happen to him if he loses the life in Thera ... And he is not the only one in this situation: he crosses paths with other players who are victims of the same problem. For these Outlaw Players, game over is not an option. Whatever the cause of the bug, Sakuu and his companions have no choice: they must grow stronger, explore, learn, and sue.

Source: MU

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