Ousama no Kyuujitsu

Alt title: Holiday of the King

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
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Ousama no Kyuujitsu

It’s been eight months since Kakurai, CEO of a preeminent domestic apparel enterprise, last had a vacation, when he meets a pickpocket. That pickpocket turns out to be a young man named Kei. Upon meeting Kei, with his sharp, rebellious eyes, Kakurai’s attracted to him, so he decides to take Kei along with him. At first, Kei acts like a wounded and cautious animal towards Kakurai, but then, seeing Kakurai’s mature behavior and sincere attitude, he begins to open his heart. Will the adult who has everything-social status, reputation, money, etc- finally be able to encounter his true love for whom he’d throw it all away?! 

Source: MU

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