Vol: 18; Ch: 73
2006 - 2012
4.075 out of 5 from 854 votes
Rank #3,017

Asuka Masamune is a manly man who's the complete opposite deep down - he loves sewing, cooking and all things girly! As his father left when he was a child to live as a woman, Asuka was raised to be the boy he is, but he can't forget his true nature. Now, as a teen, Asuka finds himself in the company of Ryou, a boyish girl he's fallen head over heels for; Juuta, a secret writer of shoujo manga who's modeled a character after Asuka; and a variety of others such as his self-proclaimed apprentice Yamato. Can Asuka learn how to balance his two sides and finally get the girl he loves?

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Vejhed Jul 7, 2014
Score 8/10

Story - 7/10 The story is quite slow-moving, and doesn't really heat up until well into the series around the 10th or 11th volume.  In addition, the first few volumes are riddled with filler chapter, which I attribute to the manga's need to develope the characters and set up a basis for situations that occur later in the series. That being said, yes the story in itself is rather uneventful, and exactly... read more



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