Vol: 18; Ch: 73
2006 - 2012
4.06 out of 5 from 886 votes
Rank #3,718

Asuka Masamune is a manly man who's the complete opposite deep down - he loves sewing, cooking and all things girly! As his father left when he was a child to live as a woman, Asuka was raised to be the boy he is, but he can't forget his true nature. Now, as a teen, Asuka finds himself in the company of Ryou, a boyish girl he's fallen head over heels for; Juuta, a secret writer of shoujo manga who's modeled a character after Asuka; and a variety of others such as his self-proclaimed apprentice Yamato. Can Asuka learn how to balance his two sides and finally get the girl he loves?

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Story - 7/10 The story is quite slow-moving, and doesn't really heat up until well into the series around the 10th or 11th volume.  In addition, the first few volumes are riddled with filler chapter, which I attribute to the manga's need to develope the characters and set up a basis for situations that occur later in the series. That being said, yes the story in itself is rather uneventful, and exactly what you would expect from a shojo romance, but if that's what you came for I have no doubt you'll like it. I did. Art - 10/10 The art in this series is amazing and spot on. Very clean, sparkly, and , of course, adorable. Characters 8/10 One good thing about this series is that there isn't an overabundance of characters. Three main characters, and about five to eight minor ones. All of the characters have distinguishable character traits and looks so you won't find yourself confusing one for the other. They are also pretty funny, all in their own ways, and there was many a time when I laughed aloud at their antics.  All the characters are believable within the realm of the story and they compliment eachother well, so that no one character is more overbearing than another.  I would say that all the characters get a fair amount of facetime for their importance to the story. The only complaint I have is the level of development given to some of the minor characters.  There are one or two in particular I would have liked to know a little better, and I wish the story could have shown us a little more of their lives and motivations, but all in all, I thought the characters were pretty solid. Overall - 8/10 I honestly enjoyed Otomen, and even teared up a bit towards the end, though it's probably not one I would read again simply for it's slow moving nature and thin plot.

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