Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai Desu

Alt title: Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

Vol: 4+; Ch: 23+
2018 - ?
4.109 out of 5 from 283 votes
Rank #3,603
Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai Desu

Office worker Leon is reincarnated into a particularly punishing dating sim video game, where women reign supreme and only beautiful men have a seat at the table. But Leon has a secret weapon: he remembers everything from his past life, which includes a complete playthrough of the very game in which he is now trapped. Watch Leon spark a revolution to change this new world in order to fulfill his ultimate desire...of living a quiet, easy life in the countryside!

Source: Seven Seas

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