Otoko Yamome mo Hana wa Saku

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2015 - 2016
4.068 out of 5 from 130 votes
Rank #2,369
Otoko Yamome mo Hana wa Saku

Middle-aged salaryman Uematsu was surprised to learn that the restaurant part time-worker Asahikawa knows about his food habits. When Uematsu got promoted to department head, he thought his life would be smooth sailing from then on but very soon his wife left him. After reaching his fourties, he feels like his stamina, energy, everything has been depleted, so he tries to avoid anything troublesome. But strangely, he feels a sense of ease whenever he is with Asahikawa and starts warming up to him, but it feels like Asahikawa wants to get closer to him more than he could have ever imagined...

Source: MU

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