Otoge ni Trip Shita Ore♂

Vol: 3; Ch: 15
2018 - 2020
4.27 out of 5 from 64 votes
Rank #1,714
Otoge ni Trip Shita Ore♂

While playing a game on his phone late at night, 20-year-old college student Otonari accidentally clicks on an advertisement and suddenly finds himself in a rose-tinted world of swords and samurai. As three beautiful samurai clamour to his aid and start fawning over him, he realises in horror that he's in an otome game - and he's the protagonist! Luckily for him, he's able to get up the menu for this game on his smartphone and finds out how to get home. Unluckily for him, if he doesn't get on good terms with all 11 love interests before the final quest, he'll be stuck in this world with these annoyingly amorous samurai forever.

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