Otaku Plays Basketball

Ch: 252+
2015 - ?
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Otaku Plays Basketball

Zhou Dahua was amazing as a student. He was handsome, superbly skilled and seemingly had a good life. But he lost the spotlight after graduation. In a blink of an eye, Zhou Dahua became a loser who was nearly 30 years old, someone who was living like a salted fish, and just waiting to die. On a cold night after a major betrayal, he realized that his life was completely different from how he imagined it 10 years ago. He was a complete failure without any goals and a future. Just when when he was frustrated beyond belief, a student who happened to be a loyal fan appeared and invited him to participate in the "Treasure Island Community Cup 3V3 Basketball Competition". Soon after, a team consisting of shrimp soldiers and crabs officially joined the tournament!

Source: MU

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