Otaku no Musume-san

Alt title: Otaku's Daughter

Vol: 11; Ch: 63
2006 - 2011
3.978 out of 5 from 396 votes
Rank #4,420
Otaku no Musume-san

One day, the otaku Kouta Morisaki returns to his apartment complex to find that a young girl by the name of Kanou is waiting for him - and she claims that she's his daughter! However, much to their mutual horror, Kanou then enters Kouta’s apartment and sees his anime posters, video games, and ‘mature’ figures. Though he tries to explain away her claim, Kouta is soon reminded of his high school sweetheart when sees Kanou and realizes that the young girl is telling the truth. The two must now live together, but in a society where an otaku is thought of as a pervert and a freak, how is nine-year-old Kanou supposed to adjust to a new life with her father? With unusual neighbors, manga conventions and single life habits laid bare, maybe Kanou and Kouta will be able to gain a new outlook on life and its values together.

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