Ossan Boukensha Kane no Zenkou (Light Novel)

Alt title: Good Deeds of Kane of Old Guy (Light Novel)

Vol: 4+
2018 - ?
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Ossan Boukensha Kane no Zenkou (Light Novel)

Kane is a middle-aged adventurer who found a rare item known as "Resurrection fruit" while in the in the middle of herb gathering. When looking to sell the fruit, Kane meets a girl seeking medicine to save her companion’s life. She looks like Altena, his childhood friend who died, so he gives it to her in exchange for small change. This girl turned out to be the strongest adventurer, Anastrea, who people call the sword princess. The next day, Kane suddenly recives an invitation to join an S rank party, beat down the strongest monster, miraculously gain lots of money, and finally get confessed by a 20 years old saint. Thank to his encounter with Anastrea, Kane’s simple life will change completely. 

Source: MU

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