Osakana wa Ame no Naka

Alt title: Fish in the Trap

Vol: 3; Ch: 20
1993 - 1994
2.433 out of 5 from 14 votes
Rank #19,558
Osakana wa Ame no Naka

Ever feel like you just want to sit in a corner and just curl into a little ball? Or when your world seems to be too crowded, you just fight against your fate? Yuuji Tsukamoto can't do either. He's the son of a very successful business man and is as suave as Takehito Koyasu's voice when he talks. But one thing he wants is out of his reach: Takuya Matsui. Will his constant watching over this boy lead to both of their destructions? The obsession begins!

Source: MU

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