Osakana kara Jingai Tensei no Shusseuo Monogatari (Light Novel) - Custom lists

Osakana kara Jingai Tensei no Shusseuo Monogatari (Light Novel)
  • Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight (Light Novel)
  • Carrier Falcon Princess (Novel)
  • Buta no Liver wa Kanetsushiro (Light Novel)
  • Around 40 Shachiku no Golem Master (Light Novel)
  • After All, I Became a Crow (Novel)

Fantasy Tropes: I Was Reincarnated... But Not As A Human! (Novels) by AnnaSartin

These novels, light novels, and web novels feature characters who were reincarnated as an animal, reincarnated as an object, reincarnated as a monster, or were reborn as some other non-human being.

  • A Feast for an Incubus
  • Addiction
  • A Beak Upon the Dawn's Flower
  • 5500 Shades of the Demon King
  • 12 Evil Cats

Beauty or Beast, That is the Question Manga by Bloom19

Something For The Furry Fans, Just Like Me! Or If You Are Into Mythical Creatures! Animal Characteristics- Protagonists- and Transformation, Anthropomorphic, Interspecies Relationship, Mermaids, Non-Human Protagonists, Vampire...

  • .hack//Alcor
  • +a no Tachiichi
  • 'Ecchi Shitai' to Itte Kure: Seijin (?) Buchou to Junshin (?) OL
  • "LOVe" (Osamu ISHIWATA)
  • "At This Rate, I'm Gonna Come..." The Warden's Relentless Pat-Down

Female Main Character by NamelessTeen

This is a list of manga/light novels/novels/webtoon/web novels that follow a female main character. ...

  • Buta no Liver wa Kanetsushiro (Light Novel)
  • These Legs Don’t Lie! Harumi’s Legacy as the Strongest Mimic (Light Novel)
  • Azfareo no Sobayounin
  • A Wild Last Boss Appeared!
  • A Wild Last Boss Appeared! (Light Novel)

Humans no longer Human by Grizz

These mangas feature the protagonist transforming, reincarnating or though another medium losing their humanity and becoming something else. (This does not include spoilers, only manga that include it from the start.)