Orochi: Blood

Alt title: Orochi

Vol: 6; Ch: 9
1969 - 1970
3.758 out of 5 from 42 votes
Rank #6,378
Orochi: Blood

Orochi, a strange girl who wakes up for ten years at a time once every century, observes two sisters growing up in the mansion of their wealthy family. The older girl can do no wrong and the younger girl is constantly criticised and berated for not living up to her sibling's exemplary standards. Years later, Orochi's spirit returns in the body of another girl. The two sisters are now grown women: the younger sister is a bitter woman, forced to return to her family home after an unsuccessful marriage and the older sister is now a bed-ridden widow with a terminal illness. It seems the younger sister has been made bitter and sadistic by her traumatic childhood but maybe the seemingly angelic older sister isn't quite as perfect as she seems.

Source: Viz

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Ebonyslayer Oct 31, 2018
Score 5/10

Of all the horror manga I read this October I was expecting great things from this series. But to be honest, I was pretty disappointed, just as much as my last series, C.R. Orochi is the female protagonist who appears in each story, though her connections to each story is pretty weak. She seems easily forgotten with each story, only to show up to do commentary or to use her as a deus ex machina. The stories... read more



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