Vol: 12; Ch: 86
1994 - 2004
3.685 out of 5 from 12 votes
Rank #16,867

The Kingdom of Granza is steadily building up their power and expanding their realm. Fleeing from their attack on her home, Faana and her companions hide in the woods, hoping to escape from the Granza military. However, as her group is hunted down, Faana is the only one fortunate enough to escape alive. Half-dead, Faana somehow manages to travel several kilometers to the Kingdom of Cordeaa, where she passes out at a lake. Upon awakening 3 days later, she is surprised to find herself inside the castle of King Yogufu, the ruler of Cordeaa. Faana is even more surprised when she meets his daughter, Princess Orfina—the two girls are identical strangers. The two become fast friends, but this happiness is soon overshadowed as Granza advances its campaign into Cordeaa...

Source: MU

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