Oresama Teacher

Vol: 29; Ch: 168
2007 - 2020
4.073 out of 5 from 1,165 votes
Rank #2,314
Oresama Teacher

Mafuyu is the ideal yanki chick—no-nonsense, take-charge, and hard-hitting. But when she gets expelled for being a delinquent, her mother, fed up with her daughter’s wayward ways, sends Mafuyu to an isolated school far off in the country. Mafuyu, determined to make the best of the situation and make her mother proud, decides to turn over a new, feminine, well-behaved leaf. But her yanki soul can’t be kept down, and the night before school starts she finds herself defending some guy who’s getting beaten up. One slip wouldn’t have been a problem, except the guy is…her teacher?! How can Mafuyu learn to be a girly girl if her teacher won’t let her forget her yanki past?

Source: Viz

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Oresama Teacher is one of the better manga I've read. The story of a girl who attempted to make the highschool debut of a normal girl while trying to hide her delinquent roots leads to many hilarous situations. The characters are all so lovable with such a diverse cast each having their own unique personality traits. The art is exceptional. Honestly, while looking at the art, I had the urge to attempt drawing them myself (but I could never draw that well). I only had two concerns with this manga; 1- whether it was lack of explanation or similar looking hair, during some chapters I was extremely confused, at a total lost for who certain characters were, I vaguely remembered they existed but I forgot which school and what their relationship with Mafuyu was.Second, for a shoujo manga, I as hoping for a few more KYA~! scenes if you know what I mean. There were quite a few scenes with Saeki and Mafuyu that made me fangirl, and when Naoko appeared (spoiler) in the butler suit that one chapter, I totally freaked out because he was so girl (too bad he's really a she), but I wish there were more of those moments.Oh! And problem 2.5; this might be part of number two because romance scenes are considered fangirlable scenes. Romance is developing excrusiatingly slowly. I mean I'm on the edge of my seat hoping something will happen at those scenes where they mock you leading you on then pushing you out window (figuratively of course). It is frustrating! I am still waiting for a solid crush involving Mafuyu to come up, at least a blush by a guy that stems from the fact she's a girl and not just because of how awesome she is... Still overall, I love the manga! I'm still reading it (on Chapter 83 right now, I wish I attended japanese school to get those sort of field trips XD). This manga is definitely worth reading though!

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