Ore wa Mada, Honki wo Dashiteinai (Light Novel)

Vol: 6+
2019 - ?
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Ore wa Mada, Honki wo Dashiteinai (Light Novel)

Helmes is the fourth son of a noble who leads a life of loafing while hiding his true immense power. One day, he became the lord of his house. Despite the support of his doting sister Sola, he was reluctant to take over the position. However, his over-the-top powers easily shows itself even when he tries to hide it! He defeats calamity-level monsters without batting an eye, and even discovers rare treasure without realizing it! Even demons and dragons are destroyed just by his one hit!! The Queen Rina was attracted to him at first sight, and the granddaughter of the Sword Saint, Midea also became close to him, and the prostitute Oltia relies on him more than anything……! The tale of a lord who doesn’t display his true strength yet earns the respect and love of all around him now begins!

Source: Shueisha

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