Open Sesame

Vol: 20; Ch: 94
2001 - 2008
3.822 out of 5 from 242 votes
Rank #7,259
Open Sesame

Danjou Yamato used to be a regional boxing champ with plenty of friends and a childhood girlfriend - that is, until he was uprooted from his rural home and transplanted into the heart of Tokyo. What's worse, he discovers that his new high school was formerly just for girls, and they're used to having all the power! With only six other boys in the entire school, it's up to Danjou to inspire them to stick up for themselves and fight back. However, the leader of the girls, Migumi, seems to have a vendetta against Danjou. Could there be a history between them, or is she just out to get him?

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This is my first review so I apologize for how bad it may be. But since this manga doesn't have any reviews I wanted to post one.I want to start off by saying that I really enjoyed the manga. The flow of it and setting fit well for me. However I will try to review it without being too biased based on my own personal preferences.  We'll start off with the story. For the most part, the story/plot is weak. It drops hints throughout of a major event that occurred, but it takes until near the end to tell you what it is. The rest of the manga is random events or encounters with new or existing characters. It could be called a giant filler with hints at plot, or day to day life for others. It is a partial harem in that the main male character gets a lot of attention, and the story takes place in a school that just changed over from being a all girl school to co-ed, making the male to female student ratio horrible. The main male character on the upside isn't your usual indecisive overly nice guy type. He is a bit more straight forward. The ending for me wasn't bad. It could have been better but it wasn't bad but it left me with a lot of questions, mostly about other characters. One other point I want to mention is that this manga moves forward with time. It's not one of those ones where time kind of inexplicitly stands still for long periods. In that regard it is similar to Azumanga Daioh, where the seasons passed and years progressed.The artwork was pleasant to look at. For the most part, I enjoyed the settings and character designs. One of the main problems I found with the artwork though is that a lot of the characters appearing in it later had similar hair. It became a bit difficult to tell some apart beyond name and style of speech.As far as the characters go, there was a fairly consistent cast of characters throughout,  each with their own personalities and quarks.  At times the personality would change for a short time to fit the need of the story, but they end up back to normal after a chapter or two. The main two characters develop fairly well, but the secondary characters don't really have much development beyond the daily progression of the manga. the cast of characters were enjoyable enough but at times a little bland. One thing worth mentioning is that at times they seem a little too perfect. Always having the perfect thing to say or the perfect response to a situation. But this trait wasn't a negative for me.Overall I would give it a nine or ten on a personal level since I really enjoyed my time reading it. However for a less  biased review I'd rate it around six or seven. I enjoyed the characters, the daily routine, and the final revealing of the events of the story.

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