Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Alt title: Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Vol: 16; Ch: 58
2011 - 2016
4.239 out of 5 from 1,777 votes
Rank #4,847
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Erika lied to her friends about having a boyfriend because she wanted to make friends. She showed a picture of an anonymous guy as her boyfriend unaware he was their schoolmate who was shortly recognized by her friends. Their "boyfriend" conversation was overheard by the guy in question, Sata Kyouya. Erika went to explain and proposed her idea of faking as lovers. However, Sata despite being known as a nice, charming guy turned out to be a black prince with a twisted personality who instead decided to blackmail Erika by making her his dog.

Source: ANN

Extra story:

  • Junketsu Lullaby (volume 2)
  • Pierrot ja Nee yo (volume 3)
  • Kamatte-chan de Gomenasai!! (volume 8)
  • The Reason I Love You (volume 11)

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I've been on a reading streak with these romance manga's and basically know what to expect at this point. But this manga reignited the flames in my heart (granted that happens most the time so that's not really saying anything). The story line followed the same fall in love, figured out profession (bang bonus), do college, then get married. With of course the occasional hey i love you dump that person people popping up. Honestly why do they even try.   But boy was I squealing and kicking my legs up and down on my mattress to this one. I think one of the reasons I liked it so much was because I connected with Erika man, because my boyfriend has many similarities to Kyouya/Kyoya. He doesn't like people, absolutely hates crowds, doesn't like holidays and doesn't care about v-day or his birthday. He just lives and prefers to be in his room doing things he likes to do. I could feel Erika's pain man, and she was so understanding and I felt that in my soul. Because even though they give us a hard time and aren't into the same things we just love them so much it doesn't matter. UGH man. I'm all about the feels in this one.  These kind of boyfriends are the worst, get you one that likes doing things that you do. Because even though you can find happiness, your differences will definitely leave you reeling and it takes a lot of maturity and composure to love someone so different from you. My boyfriend and I have been called the yin and yang to each other and thats what Kyouya and Erika were and I just loved this story front to back.  I just finished this and I already want to reread it all over again.  P.S. Just like how Kyouya loved Erika but struggled to show it, my boyfriend is the same. I know he loves with me tiny gestures and the sweet things he says once in a blue moon. He has proven to me that I'm his world so rest assured I'm not with a douche bag. 

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