Onimotsu to Yobareta Tensei Hime wa, Shoukan Yuusha ni Koi wo Shite Seijo ni Narimashita

Vol: 1+; Ch: 5+
2021 - ?
3.806 out of 5 from 16 votes
Rank #10,823
Onimotsu to Yobareta Tensei Hime wa, Shoukan Yuusha ni Koi wo Shite Seijo ni Narimashita

A sickly girl is reincarnated in another world as a princess. However, she is looked down on as she does not possess any type of magic. Her purification ability awakens just in time a hero is summoned from another world. Feeling needed for the first time, she starts to fall in love with him... but, for some reason his attitude seems cold?

Source: MU

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There are only 4 chapters out so far, hence there's not much I can comment. I'm interested to see how the recinarnation element will play out as most isekai don't seem to make good use of it, but over here the ML is a summoned "hero" from Japan, the country where FL lived in her past life, so I am keen to see how they will interact and whether she might truly be the only person in their new world to understand how he feels since they are/were both from the same planet. FL had a dumb moment in chapter 3 when she ran into the battlefield, but given how there are only 4 chapters, I am giving her the benefit of the doubt for now and won't conclude whether she's a TSTL heroine until more chapters are out.  The pacing of the manga is rather fast as she leaves her kingdom and heads to the battlefield within 4 chapters, so in the long run I can see myself finding faults with loose ends/abrupt endings, but for now I'm just glad we got to read suprisingly a lot of stuff given how few translated chapters there are. Both ML and FL are not very fleshed out yet (at least I hope it's a 'yet'), and I hope we can see more developments of their characters down the road. Specifically, whether the ML misses his family in Japan, whether he feels resentment for being summoned, etc etc, will make the story more compelling emotionally.  The art is pretty, and the FL fits what we've seen of her character thus far. She looks pretty and guileless the way white lotus b*tches do, but she's not one (?) 😂 Considering everything, I'm leaving a 7 for now.  If you're intrigued by the manga, I recommend checking it out to see whether it fits your style. I really wish there were more chapters though, since I usually dislike giving reviews until I've read at least 10+ chapters. 

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