One Week Friends

Alt title: Isshuukan Friends.

Vol: 7; Ch: 41
2012 - 2015
4.046 out of 5 from 295 votes
Rank #5,150
One Week Friends

Yuuki Hase desperately wants to be friends with Kaori Fujimiya, the girl in class who seems to always be alone. Just when he thinks they've hit it off, she tells him her secret: Every week, her memories reset. Yuuki resolves to befriend her as many times as it takes, but is he prepared for how much it will hurt to be one-week friends...?

Source: Yen Press

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Tl;DR: worth a read if you like this kind of genre, it won't take you long at only 39 chapters, but be prepared to be disappointed; I feel that the beginning volumes really do shine though. Honestly not all that great, the reason for the 3.5 is that there were some genuinely charming moments. Our main character switches from lovable and funny to self-deprecating and annoying at the blink of an eye and quite often, you will get whiplash, this makes his character a tiresome experience to read, especially in the later chapters. Our heroine is genuinely kind and wonderful, she kind of reminds me of Tohru from Fruits Basket, but I feel Tohru has an awful lot to her and this girl, not so much, she's slightly deep, but most of her emotions come back to friends, being nice, and amnesia, sadly not much here. Just about any other character is downgraded to side character, often unnoticeable side character which is very disappointing because some of them might have contributed to the cast: Shougo, the mc's friend is stoic, to the point and funny but is often used just to play off scenes with the mc; he'll occasionally get a spotlight but it isn't often for long and is very often shared. Saki comes in later and could have been an interesting character to experiment with in the series as she also has amnesia, but in a different way from the heroine, and this could have been used to great extent, but was not; Saki also relies on the heroine quite a bit, so much so that she wants to marry her or be her sister, she'll take either, and while this could lead to some nice or humorous scenes, it is never taken advantage of. Koujo comes in very late in the game and is full of spoilers so I won't say much on him, but it feels like he was added at the last minute and serves to sink the manga into a very cliche' hole, handled correctly, I feel like he could have been a good addition, however I feel like he was not, I'll leave it at that for the sake of spoiling anything. We get some additional side-side characters as well such as Saki's two friends, Koujo's brother, and the heroine's mother, but all are left at the side of the writing road after their one or two important moments even though it felt like the manga wanted to extend it's cast just a little more, in essence what we got originally it seemed was the attempt to make four main characters and a few side characters, but what we ultimately were given was two main characters and tons of side characters. It also is telling to me that the author freely admits at the end of vol 6 that the manga has gone on far longer than he had initially designed, and unfortunately this shows in the later chapters of the manga as many arcs seem to be ideas the author is experimenting with, then tossing out, giving us backstory nobody asked for, back tracks, the cliche I mentioned, what I think is a cobbled together macguffin, and an ending that leaves you disappointed followed by a time skip ending that doesn't do much better and resolves about as much. Final verdict: worth a read if you like this kind of genre, it won't take you long at only 39 chapters, but be prepared to be disappointed; I feel that the beginning volumes really do shine though.

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