One Week Friends

Alt title: Isshuukan Friends.

Vol: 7; Ch: 41
2012 - 2015
4.002 out of 5 from 205 votes
Rank #3,611
One Week Friends

Yuuki Hase desperately wants to be friends with Kaori Fujimiya, the girl in class who seems to always be alone. Just when he thinks they've hit it off, she tells him her secret: Every week, her memories reset. Yuuki resolves to befriend her as many times as it takes, but is he prepared for how much it will hurt to be one-week friends...?

Source: Yen Press

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Shotarow Aug 8, 2017
Score 7.3/10

Tl;DR: worth a read if you like this kind of genre, it won't take you long at only 39 chapters, but be prepared to be disappointed; I feel that the beginning volumes really do shine though. Honestly not all that great, the reason for the 3.5 is that there were some genuinely charming moments. Our main character switches from lovable and funny to self-deprecating and annoying at the blink of an eye and... read more

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