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One Piece: Strong World
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Mar 25, 2020

This is sometimes called chapter 565.5 and sometimes called chapter 0. But whatever you call it, it occupies a strange place within the One Piece canon. It's clearly intended to be connected to the Strong World movie, but that movie doesn't fit within the timeline of the manga so I don't treat it as canon. However, this manga itself takes place entirely in the past and fits neatly into the canonical timeline. And Golden Lion Shiki is even mentioned in chapter 530 of One Piece, where Sengoku mentions fem engaging in some of the events portrayed in this oneshot. Most of what it does is retell some of the stories from Roger's time which we are already somewhat familiar with, but with the inclusion of Shiki being one of feir rivals. There are several pages which simply portray single panels of what such-and-such characters were doing back in that time period, so in many ways this just acts as a way to show off familiar characters in their youth.

So since this oneshot ties into the main series in so many ways, I definitely want to treat it as canon. But this manga ends with Shiki preparing a plan which implicitly will culminate in the events shown in the Strong World movie. But since I don't treat the movie as canon (a position I feel is justified), then if I want to treat this manga as canon I have to assume that Shiki's plan hasn't been stopped and is still an unresolved threat. If it's canon, then there are loose ends. So I've decided to sorta treat it as pseudo-canon.

My character score is low because this story doesn't really do character development. It basically just has a series of snapshots of familiar characters, telling the readers "Look, someone you know." Also, the most central character--Shiki--isn't very interesting to me.

5/10 story
10/10 art
3/10 characters
5/10 overall
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