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Alt title: Vivi no Bouken

One Piece: Naoshi Komi Covers Vivi's Adventure
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Oct 30, 2021

It covers events from chapters 216, 215, and 214 of One Piece (I listed the chapters in reverse order because the sequencing and flashbacks are presented in a different order in this retelling). This sequencing works just as well as the original, and it also helps frame the story around Vivi's speech in a way that helps it feel complete as is.

Mr. 2 Bon Clay looks even more grotesque and dumb than normal (specifically with the inner mouth and jaw). In fact, Igaram and quite a few of the other male characters look worse in the way their intense emotions are expressed--with the eyes bulging in a skeletal manner and the mouths looking weird. Chopper's eyes are drawn shoujo-style and I personally think it looks bad. All that said, the focal character of this manga, Princess Vivi, looks far more gorgeous in this version. Vivi's clothes and face and eyes are beautiful indeed.

As for my rating, I've rated it on the lower end of the scale purely because it's just a retelling of a classic moment in One Piece history and doesn't actually add anything to the world or story. In order for this moment to be emotional, it still relies on the readers having read the original work (meaning that it can't stand on its own). The art isn't even a 100% improvement over the original work, and in some ways is noticeably less appealing. I'd say that this is still worth reading for all the One Piece fans out there, and I like the idea of other manga artists redrawing and retelling the One Piece stories, but I wouldn't suggest reading this just for funsies.

3/10 story
8/10 art
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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