Onani Master Kurosawa: After the Juvenile (Light Novel)

Vol: 1; Ch: 2
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Onani Master Kurosawa: After the Juvenile (Light Novel)

Two years have passed since Kurosawa, Nagaota, Kitahara, Takigawa and Pizza-ta became fast friends on their middle school trip, and now they are heading off to Osaka once more. Having not seen each other for some time, the gang are determined to enjoy themselves with a visit to the aquarium and the amusement park. However, after an awkward ride on the ferris wheel, their relationships are threatened, and the future suddenly seems unclear. With the group's plans for a fun trip suddenly on the rocks, will they be able to pull together and salvage both the visit and their friendships?

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In this captivating sequel novel of miscommunication and teenage angst, we follow the protagonist, Kurosawa, on a supposedly fun-filled trip with old classmates. But things quickly turn 'mature' as the characters engage in melodramatic quarrels and ridiculous team-naming debates.Kurosawa's bimbo girlfriend, Sugawa, is a master of overreaction and melodrama. Her demands to join the trip and subsequent anger provide a humorous display of immaturity. You can't help but chuckle at her dramatic 'we're breaking up' outburst over a seemingly trivial matter.Kurosawa's attempt to appease Sugawa by buying her a souvenir is met with skepticism, highlighting the absurdity of their relationship dynamics. One wonders why they're even together if they haven't progressed beyond holding hands after five months.As the story progresses, we meet characters who seem to have changed very little since middle school. Takigawa and Nagaoka bring comic relief with their enthusiasm and questionable team-naming skills. The trip continues with mundane activities like visiting an aquarium and riding a ferris wheel. Kurosawa's strange obsession with shipping Kitahara with the fat otaku and Kitahara's (understandable) discomfort add an awkward cringe factor to the story.The narrative's focus on mundane details like checking emails and pondering the lack of communication with Sugawa contributes to the story's boring tone, and Kurosawa's profound internal monologues about touching Sugawa's 'voluptuous boobs' inject teenage hormones and immaturity into the mix.The second half revolves around the awkward atmosphere among the group during their trip to Universal Studios Japan. Kurosawa observes the strained relationship between Nagaoka and Takigawa, as well as his own confusion about how to interact with them. As the day progresses, Kurosawa has a candid conversation with Takigawa, who reveals her own troubles with Nagaoka. They discuss Kurosawa's recent quarrel with Sugawa, highlighting his fault in not informing her about the trip in advance. Kurosawa learns the simplicity of human relationships and realises the importance of treasuring the person you're with.Kurosawa tries to call Sugawa but gets her voicemail, leaving him worried and realizing the importance of proper communication. He returns to his friends on the train, asking Kitahara to keep in touch with Pizza-ta, showing his concern for their relationship. As the journey ends, Kurosawa reflects on the anxiety caused by being separated from someone important and the need to stay connected.Moral of the story? Keep your girl close, otherwise, she might cheat on you. Or in Kurosawa's case, you may, figuratively, get 'NTR'd'.

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