Onani Master Kurosawa: After the Juvenile (Light Novel)

Vol: 1; Ch: 2
4.059 out of 5 from 312 votes
Rank #5,306
Onani Master Kurosawa: After the Juvenile (Light Novel)

Two years have passed since Kurosawa, Nagaota, Kitahara, Takigawa and Pizza-ta became fast friends on their middle school trip, and now they are heading off to Osaka once more. Having not seen each other for some time, the gang are determined to enjoy themselves with a visit to the aquarium and the amusement park. However, after an awkward ride on the ferris wheel, their relationships are threatened, and the future suddenly seems unclear. With the group's plans for a fun trip suddenly on the rocks, will they be able to pull together and salvage both the visit and their friendships?

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