Omega Syndrome

Vol: 3; Ch: 14
2017 - 2019
2.866 out of 5 from 17 votes
Rank #23,502
Omega Syndrome

Omega Syndrome... that is the unfamiliar disease Haru Nishimiya is told he has in the results of his yearly health exam. At the same moment he is surprised by meeting his former high school classmate, and now the doctor in charge of his case, Katsuragi is told that he has the possibility of becoming pregnant even as a man!? And that he’s going to go into heat and give off pheromones to attract other men!? Haru’s body begins to change even as he remains in a state of confusion at his impossible to comprehend disease. But why does Katsuragi continue to have this one-sided hatred for Haru...?

Source: Full Moon

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