Omega Complex

Ch: 41
2021 - 2023
4.147 out of 5 from 353 votes
Rank #1,250
Omega Complex

“I don’t like omegas.” After presenting as a dominant alpha, Taegyeom accidentally triggers an omega’s heat. As a result, he avoids omegas and relies only on his childhood friend, Yoonwoo. In the midst of all this, Yoonwoo suddenly presented as an omega. After avoiding Taegyeom for five years, he accidentally meets Taegyeom at a bar in front of his school. “Are we even friends?” At Taegyeom's words, Yoonwoo reluctantly spends his college life with Taegyeom.

Source: MU

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I dropped this before the romance even started. The story was pretty enjoyable, but I hated the ML so so so much, I really wanted the 2nd ML to be end game but it’ll never happen *cries* The ML is just so obnoxious and annoying!!! Imagine the guy you’ve loved ur whole life finally confesses to u and u tell them nah that’s just ur hormones u don't love me.... The story spent an eternity with just the MC practically begging for him to understand that he really loves but that shitty ML is just being a retard and I couldn’t stand it. The 2nd ML was so cute and considerate, I loved his interactions with the MC so much (was so much better compared the the awkward interactions with the ML), I especially liked the scene where he went out with the MC for fresh air after drinking and the MC was leaning on him, it was just adorable, 2nd ML even confessed again, the vibe was just perfect that even MC recognized that BUT HE JUST HAD TO RUIN IT, mf wanted the painful route, he just flat out said nah man I can never let go of the other guy, yeah GO BEG SOME MORE.... TO THE GUY WHO BASICALLY RUINED UR FUCKING LIFE ALL THESE YEARS WITH HIS COMPLEX. Dude fr wanted to change his whole existence for a guy (pretends to be a beta) just to beg for love in the end, he even ignores him and cut him off cause he’s so convinced MC only says he likes him ca he’s alpha.... And I dropped it at this exact scene, 2nd ML will forever be best boi, MC is decent but is too focused on ML, if this was a supernatural comic he would’ve sold his soul to the devil just for some cheap attention. That said, if you don’t mind ML I think this is a pretty good story, even if you hate him like I do, reading half is better than not reading, please give 2nd ML the much needed love :’((

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