Old Man Frog

Alt title: Kaeru no Ossan

Vol: 2; Ch: 38
2013 - 2015
3.697 out of 5 from 15 votes
Rank #18,910
Old Man Frog

"There’s an old man with a face like a frog living in my house…what’s up with that?" A short comedy about what happens when an elementary school student who looks good in short pants and a middle-aged amphibian live together!

Source: Manga Box

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As I was browsing through the Frog-related manga (as we're all inclined to do), I came across this enticing cover art and decided to give it a shot. Before I write anything else, I should say that this manga's not all that great. But it does live up to its promise of having a frog-faced man smoking cigarettes. It's a gag manga whose primary conceit is Yukio being frustrated at Old Man Frog for lazing around the house and mooching off feir mother, and just plain being weird--what with feir frog-like characteristics and all. Every couple chapters, it seems, a new animal-faced character is introduced. Several of them have connections to the yakuza or delinquency. There is also a recurring BDSM subcurrent running throughout the manga, with both Yukio and feir mother whipping people. As best as I can tell, this manga only has 36 chapters (not 38, as is listed). I say this primarily because every chapter ends with the phrase "To Be Continued," but chapter 36 ends with the phrase "The End?" (though, admittedly, the question mark makes it a bit less conclusive). I even did some research looking up the table of contents for the two volumes, but that didn't help since the volumes only compile the first 26 chapters. And I was unable to find even Japanese versions of a chapter 37 or 38 (though I will admit that it's not the easiest for me to navigate Japanese websites to try to research this). Anyway, my point is that I spent way too much time looking into the publication history of a manga that I don't even like all that much...

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