Offering My Neck To You

Alt title: Xixue Pianzi

Ch: 92
2020 - 2022
4.218 out of 5 from 108 votes
Rank #5,388
Offering My Neck To You

Fang Luoan, a half-werewolf, was five years old when his father was killed. He was then adopted by vampire Fang Yanchen. Today, twelve years later, as Fang Luoan is about to reach adulthood, his werewolf attributes are beginning to emerge. His uncontrollable emotions and the abnormal power he has have caused a ton of terrible troubles. But what he never expected is that Fang Yanchen, whom he has been living with, is the foe that killed his father…

Source: Bilibili Comics

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Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Thank You for Taking Me In

Chapter 3

Please Be More Discreet

Chapter 4

Uncontrollable Fury

Chapter 5

Awakening Nightmare

Chapter 6

It's Too Hard to Be Ordinary

Chapter 7

Brother, You're Not Allowed to Come to School Again!

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