Offense and Defense in Daites

Alt title: Daites-ryou Koubouki

Vol: 4+; Ch: 36+
2016 - ?
3.838 out of 5 from 153 votes
Rank #9,970
Offense and Defense in Daites

In her previous life, Millianna was a girl in present day Japan, enjoying her life as a girl with a passion for BL (boys love) manga. However, her new life in another world lacks certain comforts of her previous life, and there’s no BL manga whatsoever! In order to make her new life more comfortable and exciting again, she uses her knowledge from her previous life to improve civilization in her new world by helping manufacture iron and paper, and developing communication and printing technology! A unique fantasy about a married couple. A wife who uses advanced technology and a husband blessed with a certain cheat skill from the gods; together they make things possible!

Source: Alpha Manga

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