Occultic;Nine (Light Novel)

Vol: 3
2014 - 2017
3.768 out of 5 from 14 votes
Rank #13,430
Occultic;Nine (Light Novel)

Do you believe in ghosts? Of course not! Yuta Gamon, a young boy who lives in Kichijoji, runs an Occult-related blog called "Kirikiri Basara". He spends his days dreaming of making a fortune off his affiliate links. Suddenly, Yuta's blog brings together the fate of nine strangers, as what starts off as a tiny feeling that something's wrong develops into a case that goes beyond imagination. Black magic, the afterlife, psychics, fortune-telling, other dimensions, prophecies, hypnosis, urban legends... The world is filled with flim-flam!

Source: J-Novel Club

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