O-Parts Hunter

Alt title: 666 Satan

Vol: 19; Ch: 76
2001 - 2007
4.027 out of 5 from 1,970 votes
Rank #3,260
O-Parts Hunter

In the ancient past, a highly-intelligent and technologically-advanced civilization was pushed to extinction, leaving behind relics known as O-Parts. These mysterious items are only usable by a select type of beings known as O-Parts Tacticians, and give their users powerful abilities. Jio is a boy who, as a child, was driven out of his village after being accused of killing his best friend Jin's parents. Since then, he underwent training with a lone wolf named Zero and now is on a quest to conquer the world! One day, Jin runs across a girl and saves her from a monster. Her name is Ruby Crescent, and she's a treasure hunter in search of O-Parts. Together, the two travel the land, encountering fierce organizations, old enemies and new friends. But more importantly, they slowly learn more about their pasts, including the discovery that Jin harbors a dark secret: he holds within him the power of Satan, the ultimate evil!

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KobiiKun Jun 14, 2011
Score 10/10

Yes, I give this a personal score. Coming from someone that was a fan of Naruto for the longest time, and then read this...well, Naruto can't compare. Personally, I would get bored reading Naruto sometimes. It'd often just get tiring having to find which fillers to skip and what not. However, with O-Parts Hunter, I found it interesting all the time. I'll always love this manga, while I grew sick of... read more



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