Nyx no Lantern

Alt title: Nyx's Lantern

Vol: 6; Ch: 50
2015 - 2019
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Nyx no Lantern

In 1878, as the wave of Western culture spreads through Japan, in Nagasaki, Miyo, a girl orphaned in the Satsuma Rebellion works at a curio shop called Vingt. The dresses, sewing machines, binoculars, boots, and other items acquired at the Paris Exhibition by the proprietor KOURA Momotoshi have aroused her curiosity. Miyo accumulates experience in her job while using clairvoyant ability which she has possessed since she was very young. The story vibrantly depicts a new age that visits a Nagasaki thriving with merchants and prostitutes, centering on Miyo's changes as she begins to experience feelings for Momotoshi akin to the awakening of love, and Momotoshi's past, which gradually comes to light.

Source: Media Arts Festival Awards

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