Nukenai Seiken-chan

Vol: 6; Ch: 70
2018 - 2020
3.908 out of 5 from 105 votes
Rank #12,418
Nukenai Seiken-chan

The swordsmith Tatara Ravenheart has a goal in life: to make his own Imperial sword. To accomplish this, he sets out on a quest to find Imperials, coming across the Hero's Imperial Holy Sword Excelia, who refuses anyone who isn't the Hero to wield her. Like Excalibur, this Excelia needs to be pulled out of something... a pedestal. For Seiken-chan, the pedestal is her panties. However, Tatara is not just any swordsmith and his polishing methods are nothing short of an act of love, as Excelia comes to find out. Tatara's no "Hero", but that doesn't mean that he can't make her feel special! Will she budge?

Source: MU

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