Not Your Typical Reincarnation Story

Ch: 61+
2023 - ?
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Not Your Typical Reincarnation Story

Not all villains are evil. When Suna Choi reincarnates as Edith Rigelhof, the villain from her favorite novel, she is determined to change Edith’s life around and treats everyone with kindness. Although she marries the handsome Killian Rudwick, he is madly in love with the original protagonist of the book and mistrusts Edith because she is from a rival family. Will her marriage survive the whirlwind of family feuds, love triangles, and more? Will Edith find her happy ending?

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Having read all of the novel now, I can actually make a proper review. Its a typical villainess story or so it seems. The female lead Edith has been reincarnated into a novel where she is forced to marry her (families) enemy, and the main focus of the story is the characters Reze, her husbands childhood friend and Cliff . She thinks she can live a peaceful life so as long as she is quiet and kind to the Dukes family, and does not interfere with her husband, Killians unrequited love for his childhood friend, Reze. However, this is unsuccessful as she is still portrayed as a villain no matter what she does. Without the trust of her new home nor family she is left to try and alter the original story through various means.  I think the manhwa does a good job of translating what was in the novel into the actual manhwa, although it does seem a bit rushed. For instance we dont get the slow build up which leads to Killians change and where his trust in Edith begins to unravel, eg the jump in chapter 19-20 in Killians attitude was very spontaneous in my opinion. I think it is good in a sense as the manhwa is about 200 chapters long so yes, I guess maybe it does need to be sped up but we dont get the depth and understanding as in the novel.  The art is okay, you dont get same face syndrome and its bearable, some of the outfits are pretty but nothing is really out of the ordinary. Some people may be pissed at the male lead but he has a valid reason to be acting that way, and yes he does have character development. Think of him as a second Izek. Izek was also a d*ckhead at the beginning. Spoilers: If you want something original, this is definitely a manhwa to read. The beginning seems like a typical villainess manhwa where FL changes her attitude and the rumours surrounding her to become a better person, but boy is that wrong for this. In this story, the female lead actually is the 13th Edith to exist, and transmigrate into the novel, this is done by Reze, the author of the story. Reze, also known as Author K was originally also from that same world Edith was from, and transmigrates too but way before the current Edith does. Author K plays her role as Reze, in 13 lives where different people have transmigrated into Edith ( it kinda doesnt make sense the way im explaining it but essentially Reze brings other souls into Ediths body and tortures them). She enjoys how helpless the transmigrated people are and how theyre usually so optimistic when they are first reincarnated into Edith and she crushes this hope. The current 13th Edith defies 'probability' by winning the extra characters to her side. By the way, Reze can control other characters mind, and make them obsessed with her. This is why Killian is so opposed to Edith in the beginning. However Rezes authority begins to crumble, I enjoyed reading her downfall, how she absolutely gets crushed by her own laws of probability. I really pitied for the character Edith in the original story, she got scapegoated and used by her own family, who didnt claim her as her own (as she was the daughter of the sister of the count, not the daughter of the count), and her in laws hated her to her core aswell. :(  Overall, I really enjoyed the novel and im up to date on the manhwa, which I adore. I absolutely love Edith, and her resolute and determined mindset. The manhwa is also funny. I definitely recommend.


*may contain spoiler and my ranting* Ok, so here it is. Basically I have no problem reading angst and I even have some fav webtoon whose ML was a trash. What I need from this type of story is great remorse, satisfying revenge, and a solid, strong FL. What I mean by solid & strong, one of them is FL who doesn't easily fall in love with ML who clearly doesn't deserve to be loved. Therefore, I was very disappointed when I read this story because (again) I found FL which was easy and accept all the bad things an asshole did to her just because he had handsome face. Oh God, just writing this is giving me headache. At first I thought I would be fine because ML was a virgin, nor cheaters nor emperor with concubines (I really couldn't accept NTR). But it turns out I was wrong. Seeing him married and having feelings for another woman really bothered me and made me angry - similar to when I read NTR.  And as if pouring oil to fire, his character doesn't help at all. He's a HUGE asshole. Even if the plot device of controlling magic is removed, he's still a jerk. And to top it all off, FL is easily lured into falling for a man who clearly treats her like (literally comparing her to) animal. This is very unfortunate because basically I like FL characters who can stand up for herself and easy going. She sure adored ML's handsome face (ugh, typical Korean writing) and had never seen a face like that in her previous life, but jeez, hasn't she also been in a relationship before? Also, being 28 years old, it's safe to assume she's not a pubescent virgin who's never seen a man before. Ngl I also admire handsome men, but if he treats me like ML did to FL... 🫠 we need Melissa Podebrat to knock on FL's common sense. 🥲 I've read 30 chapters and I already know that this is going to fall into a story that I hate, so I wonder if it's worth reading until the end. I read the spoilers and, ugh, not a satisfying summary.  Honestly the only thing that kept me reading this was the character design which is really beautiful. What a waste of art. If this was drawn badly, I might have dropped it the moment ML opened his mouth.

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