Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom

Alt titles: Gyemoinde, Ttari Neomu Gwiyeowo, I'm Only a Stepmother, But My Daughter is Just So Cute!

Ch: 46+
2021 - ?
4.409 out of 5 from 992 votes
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Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom

Fairytale stepmothers are notoriously wicked. But after a children’s clothing designer is reborn as young Princess Blanche’s stepmom, she’s determined to break the mold and shower her daughter with love. Now she just has to convince the girl’s cold-hearted father to do the same. In her quest to make a happier home for Blanche, Abigail begins to uncover secrets and schemes within the palace. Will devious forces tear the Freidkins apart, or can Abigail stitch them back into a family?

Source: Tapas

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A modern take on the Cinderella story, I'm Only A Stepmother, But My Daughter Is Just So Cute could be considered the alternative to Who Made Me A Princess in terms of the relationship between the daughter and the mother. Our female lead reincarnates into this world where her body formerly abused and neglected the crown princess out of envy for her beauty. She decides to rectify this mistake by slowly earning the trust of the people in the palace, as well as doting on the daughter and convincing the male lead to follow suit. There's plenty of comedy here to be found as well as family fluff that doesn't seem too forced or one-sided for any of the characters. The art style is well done and the details for items were worked on by someone who clearly knows what they were doing - dresses were rendered in styles that were realistic, character design and coloring were beautifully made and further enveloped the reader in the world envisioned by the author. More than anything, I enjoyed the male lead's predicament and his openness to the female lead. He's not emotionally distant, well not on purpose, and they take time to explore why this happened and how his behavior shaped him as a character and as a husband. I'm not going to say more about it but the cause for this is something that I rarely see in this genre so I'm quite happy that the manhwa touched upon this issue. They handled it okay, without burdening or pitying the characters involved, which I appreciated a lot. Should you read this? Yes, definitely. I laughed and I cried and I felt alive, especially with how the author shows the relationships between three equally complicated people who just want to feel loved. Very nice, definitely a guilty favorite of mine in this genre. 10/10 will read again for sure.


This is a comical story to a certain extent. Please do take the "Content Warning" very seriously. It was my mistake briefly reading past it, since the description caught most of my attention, lol. It kind of threw me off, and I legit almost went through an anxiety attack. For those who still want to read this story but don't want to see anything disturbing, please skip chapters 33 and 34 just in case. I stopped at 35, so I can't speak for the rest. The spoiler will be on the bottom. I will be dropping this manga, but ofc I'll still give a general review since there are some things that need to be said! Characters:  The Stepmother/Queen- Her reactions are funny yet a little creepy when it comes to Blanche, lol! There are some times where I just be feeling a little off, especially when she makes that creepy smile while saying how beautiful Blanche is- UH- moving on. I like how she points stuff out as how it is, especially when it comes to the King and his behavior. It doesn't take her that long to get fed up. However, I don't know how her personality will change after she got to know the king more. I'm just hoping that she will be able to separate pity from love. Overall there's nothing that authentic about her, the only thing I know about her is that she was bullied about her weight and wasn't seen as beautiful in her past life- oh, and how much she LOVES Blanche. No hate though Blanche/ Princess: Very adorable, typical kid who just needs nurturing from a loved one. "Nothing surprising nor crazy." The King: Phew- let's speak about him. First I want to get out all of my frustrations and the impressions he left on me- because wow. The king is shallow. It took 30 chapters to see why this man was so cold-hearted and for some felt so rush?! One, they didn't even build up the plot for the King story to hit us with a bang like "OOO now I see- that's crazy!" it was more like "Wtf- ew WTF?" There were some times where we did see in the king's perspective but it didn't last long, matter of fact it didn't even take up half of the chapters nor 5 slides. I feel as though the execution for this would be better if they showed him suffering nights of attacks or flashbacks- something for us to say "Uh- is he okay..." But since they introduced him as the "cold-hearted king, who doesn't care for his daughter" made me frustrated and automatically gave the impression that I should just pass him off as a nuisance for disrupting the Queen and Princess.But now I can see why and I am so sick. I feel like I'm just ranting but I need to let this out. I'm more mad at the creators lol. - - - - - - - Trigger Warning (Pedoph**a, child r*pe, manipulation) also a spoiler: The king has a phobia of coming into contact with women because he was rap*d by his first wife when he was 14 years old. His "wife" manipulated/took advantage of him while he was suffering a high fever, to bear a child 'because' his father died. His daughter "Blanche" is the daughter between him and his grown-ass first wife.  What the fuck is going on?! And how was I suppose to know this beforehand just by a 5 slide perspective from the king?! The story focused so much on the stepmother trying to save an abused child from herself? Or to be more exact the original character? And they just casually threw in a triggering, tragic past just to give an excuse as to why he smacked the hell out of her hand when she tried to touch him. ...And of course, as a person who transmigrates into a novel and doesn't know what the king went through with the original character became offended. The Queen is also shallow too, matter of fact nearly every transmigrated character is shallow when it comes to "I read the novel, so I know everything about them and what will happen next" Lol, I'm getting off-topic here. But there were some flashbacks from the king where we half-heartedly saw how disgusting the queen truly was before this random girl got in her body. My theory is that the original queen reminded him of his bitch ass "wife".  So when she suddenly started acting different, his suspicions rose- HELL I WOULD BE CONCERNED TOO! That's why he was a little off when it came to her being nice to his daughter all of a sudden. I'm not sure if he did anything about the physical abu*e with Blanche when it came to the original queen. But this is quite disgusting and disturbing for me to say, he might not tolerate sexual ab*se. Another assumption of mine. Either way, don't abu*e your child- like wtf is up with u sicko. Overall with the king 4/10 due to the execution, when it comes to victims/survivors of sexual ab*se. And I'm hoping the MCs won't fall in love so quickly, because this man NEEDS TIME AND HEALING. I don't want him to fall in love without loving himself first. Wishing him a happy ending. OVERALL- Story: 4.5/10 (My unpopular opinion) Ps. The story would've been better if the rumor was actually true that his "ex-wife" had an affair with another family member. If there weren't so many disgusting things in the way, such as his "wife" being a grown-ass woman when he was just 14. There would be so much to do with that type of plot. Because if I'm being honest here, after the king's story, in the next chapter there were only 2 slides on how the queen feels? and then it just went back to the "Queen and Blanche, mother and daughter adventure + the king..."ummm....

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