Not for the Faint of Heart

Alt title: Simyakjaui Churibeul Geumhamnida

Ch: 12
4.123 out of 5 from 681 votes
Rank #1,619
Not for the Faint of Heart

Joo Sungwan is working as a fake ghost in order to pay back for a broken laptop, but instead of scaring customers, Sungwan is the one being scared! Even worse, there’s an actual ghost living in the haunted house?! With his job on the line, Sungwan ends up in a dating contract with the ghost — in exchange for the ghost scaring visitors, Sungwan must give him three wishes and be his boyfriend.

Source: MU

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A "7" in my book means that I enjoyed it and had a generally positive impression of it, but that it wasn't quite at the level of being memorable or great. A good way to think about it is that 7's and 8's mean that I liked it, while 9's and 10's would mean that I loved it. Most of this review will come across as complaints, but it should all be read with the understanding that I found this manwha cute and enjoyable. The story felt like it lacked direction. This is probably because it does a bad job of transitioning from one plotline to the next. And the issues of avoidance in chapter nine felt like a rehash of the avoidance that had just been supposedly resolved in chapter eight. With a better job of story planning and editing, they could've combined those stories into one. There's a bit more cheesiness and coming to epiphanies through dialogue than I tend to like. It also includes an odd number of reminiscing recap scenes for how short the story is. The artstyle is glossy and clean (and full color, for those who care). The character designs feel like characters I've seen in many other webtoons. The unflowing, pasted nature of the pattern on Jaeyoung's clothes was distracting. Some of the smudging they did to create a ghosty effect didn't look all that good. The characters are alright, though they don't always seem consistent. Sungwan's primary character trait in the beginning is being easily frightened, but by the end, that aspect of feir personality is nowhere to be seen. Sungwan felt pretty solid all the way through--outwardly happy, but with ghosty problems. Hana plays an important role for a couple chapters, but then fe seems to fade away to unimportance. And feir ability to sense ghosts plays a much smaller role than one might expect. Minjae and Chaeyoon are basically just background props.

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