Ch: 18
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Earth has become a dried-up wasteland, and thanks to dwindling supplies and no more potable water, mankind will soon become extinct. In this desolate place, two travellers wander the landscape, documenting what’s left of humanity to leave a record for a future generation...

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The idea of living with purpose and futility, of people desperate for any amount of hope in a world devoid of stable sources of food and water and the World Union agent who refuses to give them false hope. Refugees will fight for supplies and all semblance of societal structure is gone as people largely just sit around in the heat and wait for death. It's a decent enough story with a pretty nihilistic and tragic vibe. The presentation of the story is pretty interesting. It's framed as though it's a documentary done by an unnamed traveler from Delta, filming another traveler (nicknamed "Noru") who is also a documentarian of sorts. Fe makes a scrapbook documenting the changes of the environment and world around them--it's basically all become desert and ruins. So it's a documentary of a documentary, itself "documented" within a manhwa. There is a girl trapped in a tower, with feir legs broken, who becomes central to the plot. Fe inspires Noru to break with feir principles of not giving out hope and to go on a trek across the desert to try to take a polaroid of some greenery, presumably hidden by the World Union. The World Union seems to have some sort of supply source, but is that also running out? Will all life on Earth come to an end? I have mixed feelings about the artwork. I like the way the people are drawn (except when they're drawn from a distance and look rendered), but some of the background stuff looks computer-generated or something. And there's some graininess and splotchiness in some of the texturing, which feels inconsistently applied.

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