Noble Reincarnation: Born Blessed, So I’ll Obtain Ultimate Power

Alt title: Kizoku Tensei: Megumareta Umare kara Saikyou no Chikara ga Eru

Vol: 7+; Ch: 31+
2019 - ?
3.826 out of 5 from 625 votes
Rank #11,037
Noble Reincarnation: Born Blessed, So I’ll Obtain Ultimate Power

Noa, reincarnated as the ultimate noble, overflows with knowledge and cheat skills as he aims to win servants in this fantasy world!!

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Pretty straightforward overpowered character fantasy series. The main protagonist is reincarnated as the thirteenth prince of the Empire. The reincarnation aspect serves mostly as excuse for MC to act in more adult manner and gives him some pre-existing knowledge, but the story would work even without it. The MC is ludicrously OP and his power raises as he gathers loyalty of people serving him and legendary artefacts with powerful spirits [1]. The gist of the story is to follow the MC through key moments in his life as he raises in power, recognition of others. He is likely to end up as the next ruler despite being pretty down on the list of succession. I enjoyed the series so far. It has political intrigue, MC using his power to enforce justice, etc. Visually it looks quite good. I’ve no issues in that regard, but there are several obvious flaws in the story. Mainly concerning the genius solutions, which wouldn’t work in reality. For an example selling titles for money by king. It has been done in France and it was disaster. It’s pretty much unsustainable model in long run and it grew resentment between nobles and rich commoners, but I digress. I should mention there are time-skips. The first is sensible from infancy to the point, where the MC is six years old. It’s followed by single arc, after it ends the story jumps to the point, where the MC is twelve and later into his fifteenth year. Overall, I do enjoy the series, but it’s bit on one note without much anything else. Release frequency: based on two latest releases, it would be 8 months between each volume release. Japanese difficulty 6/10 (see my profile for details about various difficulty scores) This series is classic seinen without furigana and has good deal of terminology related to politics of kingdom, etc. It isn’t suitable for beginners. This review is written after reading 5 volumes (all existing at the time). Spoilers [1] The artefacts he acquires are part of set, which he manages to complete.

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