No Sire, No!

Alt title: Young Master, please don't!

Ch: 46
2015 - 2016
3.952 out of 5 from 29 votes
Rank #4,487
No Sire, No!

Due to love at first sight, an outstandingly beautiful female dancer became a young master’s page boy and sets forth to protect the young master's chastity! 

Source: MU

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besma0003 Aug 11, 2019
Score 2/10

This story is more about eye candy than plot. The main character runs away from her job as a palace dancer to be a page boy for the man she has a crush on. She's always getting nose bleeds and drooling around him.  I stopped at ch.19 because the next chapters skipped way ahead in the plot. I don't know where the real ch. 20 is but I checked several sites and they all had the same problem. read more


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