No Pollution, No Public Harm (Novel)

Alt title: Wu Wu Ran, Wu Gong Hai (Novel)

Ch: 115
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No Pollution, No Public Harm (Novel)

Due to staying up late, working overtime, and generally working until busting a liver, the Wuling Leader was in a bad mood. Because of this, he refused to organize this year’s Martial Assembly. The previous Beggar’s Clan Leader was a shopping fanatic and die-hard otaku who would never make a mark in the world, a wretched individual who was a severe disaster to society. As the martial world deteriorated day by day, only the demonic sect maintained their original aspirations. Everyday they yelled the same slogan, conscientiously working hard to disturb the law and order of society. And for the aforementioned Jiang Hu intermediaries, regardless of how much they opposed the demonic energies, they had zero ability to counter. Rapid revenge whilst living a heroic story? These things didn’t exist. Everyone still had to pay back their home loans and credit card debts.

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