No More Turning a Blind Eye

Alt title: Deoneun Mon Bon Cheokaji Ankiro Haetda

Ch: 125+
2021 - ?
3.072 out of 5 from 358 votes
Rank #37,169
No More Turning a Blind Eye

Ophelia Heavenwalker dies a pitiful death, succumbing to a mysterious illness at the exact moment she witnesses her husband’s infidelity. So when fate gives her a chance to redo the last three years of her life, she decides she’s done being a doormat. She’s taking back her name, taking back her estate, and taking back her life! Now’s the time for Ophelia to enjoy her independence and budding romance, but will that be possible with her failing health and spiteful ex-husband still in the picture?

Source: Tapas

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This plot is so random and rushed, I often feel like I just skipped a chapter. Some of her decisions are so simpleminded and shallow that it really hurts, while others are really impressive. There is a gap between those that lets me wonder if there were 2 authors. One is experienced and the other is a 10-yo. Just one example (little spoiler, but really nothing you'd already expect): There is a simple head (ML, ofcourse) who took her to all the girly cliche places like jewelers and boutiques in order to get her favor so that she would sell a specific land to him (Yes! Trade jewels and clothes for land!  That's how nobles kept her land and power for so long! *sarkasm:off*) Quite a thoughtful move from him, wasn't it? I mean, he meant it for real, it wasn't a half-hearted scam or anything! Anyways .. A few chapters later (he is only blushingly staring at her at this point, which makes him seem even more dumb) she asks THAT guy for advice on how to raise children... I cant even make it sound as audaciously stupid as it actually was .. Anyways. I think this manhwa has a few points that make it stand out positively against a lot of similar works. I can't really name it, but after reading dozens of this kind of stories, I can tell that something interesting is here. But sadly, for the reasons I mentioned earlier, that feeling couldn't keep me hooked for long. Dropped. If you don't care for stupid and unreasonable decisions and forced cliche plots (like how she has to accidentally stumble into his arms every 2 chapters), or if you can ignore it, then this might be a good read for you.

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