No Escape (Novel)

Ch: 130
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No Escape (Novel)

"You were my brother’s woman, but you’re boring.” It wasn’t until after the first night that she realized. The fact that the man she spent the night with wasn’t her fiancé. The person who spat cruel words to her was her fiancé’s twin brother. According to the prophecy that the births of twins would destroy the empire. Her fiancé’s brother, who she thought was dead, came back alive. With incredible abilities, he was a catastrophe. “If you listen to me carefully, you might save my brother.” He revolted and killed his father, the previous emperor. Her family abandoned her. It was also her family that sold her to the new emperor. She couldn’t possibly love him. But there was no way she could escape him alive. She stood on a cliff with no end in sight, but she wasn’t afraid. Rather, she thought this was the right thing to do.

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