No Doubt in Us

Alt titles: Liang Bu Yi, The Emperor's New Body

Ch: 173
2016 - 2019
4.531 out of 5 from 570 votes
Rank #537
No Doubt in Us

Li Jie is the Emperor, stoic and confident. Eu-funh is the Empress, headstrong and whimsical. One day, this feuding and distant married couple accidentally falls into a pond mid-argument and wake up... in each other’s bodies. Li Jie (in Eu-funh’s body) must deal with the jealousies of the imperial harem; Eu-funh (in Li Jie’s body) must control the quarreling royal court with her newfound power. As they take a walk in each other’s shoes, can they learn to take this journey forward... together?

Source: Tapas

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