Niwaka Reijou wa Outaishi Denka no Yatoware Konyakusha

Alt title: The Earl's Daughter Was Suddenly Employed as the Crown Prince's Fiancée

Vol: 4+; Ch: 39+
2019 - ?
3.849 out of 5 from 226 votes
Rank #8,918
Niwaka Reijou wa Outaishi Denka no Yatoware Konyakusha

Although she had traveled to the Royal Capital to train as a lady of the court, before she realized it, the daughter of an impoverished Earl was seen as nothing more than another of the servants. It was during one of her usual morning cleaning rounds when by chance the Crown Prince Isaac, who was rumored for one reason or another to keep all women at arm's length, passed by, but... When she tried to return the document he dropped, she got caught up in a maelstrom of trouble!? And for that matter, what do you mean that happens to all the women who approach the Crown Prince...!?

Source: MU

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A prince that no women can approach or touch is a Huge Problem.  Lucky(?) for our innocent protaganist, she seems inexplicably immune!  Thus, the prince immediately decides they should fake a relationship and her new 'job' is being his fiancé.  What could possibly go wrong?!  I mean, besides not straight up courting her properly from the beginning as she's your only hope unless you go gay, and just making her go along with everything with a power play because you're Royalty.  Granted, not being able to be near women your entire life gives you a bit of leeway in not initially knowing how to treat a woman.  So I'll give him that.  This is more comedy than realism by a longshot, and a lot more comedy than actual romance at the start as well, so you have to give it time.  Neither of them are interested in each other at the start, but the Fake/Pretend Relationship trope isn't exactly a new plot, so most of you already know how it's gonna play out.  Art is okay, the characters are drawn with the average 'expected' quality for modern manga, but many panel backgrounds are blank or barely filled in with patterns, which is a bit lazy.  And when there are backgrounds, they feel pretty pasted and everyone has a thick halo of white around them, presumably because the artist couldn't figure out how to do the lineart properly so it looked nice, or they weren't willing to bother.  Sometimes the story is interesting but other times you're left staring at everyone talking and waiting for it to get to the good part.  Expect a lot of montaging 'princess lessons' (eat like this, your boobs are too small, how dare you have a slight tan, always wear heels, blah blah blah sexism *cough*) and somewhat tedious interactions while you wait for it to get to the good part, though.  Worse is the 'will they won't they' when you know darn well they will.  Miscommunication is not entertaining (at least not the way it's done here) it's just annoying.   I don't like any of the characters overly much, but the ML and FL are at least both somewhat defined and filled out as individuals.  Side characters are all embodiments of tropes or just relegated to NPC status entirely. 

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