Ninkyou Tensei

Vol: 1+; Ch: 20+
2019 - ?
4.061 out of 5 from 252 votes
Rank #4,897
Ninkyou Tensei

An old-fashioned yakuza member made a career in the underworld. When he is caught in a trap and loses his life, he is reincarnated as a princess in fantasy world. While now a beautiful girl, the yakuza still retains the values tempered from a life in a world without honor and humanity. 

Source: MU

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Ninkyou Tensei / Yakuza Reincarnation is a story about – you guessed it – a yakuza who gets reincarnated in a fantasy world… as a young princess. Yeah, that last part was probably less obvious. It’s a rather new series (currently only 9 chapters at a monthly release schedule) but it has been very enjoyable already and looks promising for the future as well. This manga avoids a lot of the common traps that drag down other isekai. For starters, because we don’t get a self-insert young male blackhaired main character. Instead, we get an old yakuza with a decent backstory and a code of honor and behavior that is interesting or cool to look at, but impossible to self-insert into. And all that in a young girl’s body, without having the old man suddenly behave girlishly. She also has self-confidence and keeps calm, which are traits most authors forgo in favour of more rash MCs. It’s basically a perfect romanticisation of yakuza, put into a cool-looking girl. The amount of side characters has been rather limited so far, but they’ve all been fun in their interactions with the MC. As you’d expect, they aren’t exactly used to the yakuza way of doing things, and seeing how our girl forces them to accept it all is great fun. Another thing that’s rather fun in this manga, is how our MC would be OP but just isn’t interested in those magic powers she’s got. Instead, we get rough fights that are a lot more like street brawls – because why use some magic power you’ve never needed if you can just punch the opponent in the face? Also noteworthy: there is no game-like stat system. Ah yes, "Smash his face in". A classic skill everyone will need. The fights also lead to casual violence that just fits in really well with the overall style of the manga – and which works really well thanks to the cool art style.  The artist uses these “rough” strokes that are great at expressing how dirty and rough it all is. Overall Don’t miss out on this one, it’s a great romanticisation of yakuza in an isekai that so far has managed to avoid the worst problems most isekai have. The characters are cool, the art is great and the plot has been good so far.


Chapter one was written very well--drawing me into the world, getting me invested in the characters--and that's even before the main character got isekai'd away. I feel that the pre-transportation segment was fascinating enough on its own that I honestly wouldn't have complained if this manga had just continued in the human world, which is something I definitely can't say about the majority of isekai manga. Though that's not to say that the story deteriorates once it reaches the other world or anything like that. Far from it--it's an excellently put together fantasy battle manga with magicized punches, demonic opponents, and some comedic elements mixed in. This world has Guiding Skill Trees, which are veins on peoples' arms (usually non-visible) that reflect the spells and skills they've learned or innately have access to. The artwork is very pleasant to look at, fluid, and organic. The main character was previously an old yakuza guy with a strong sense of honor and protectiveness over feir community and subordinates, and fe is now a princess named Ryuu who's still immodest and manly in feir actions and temperment (which can create some humorous moments in addition to the general cool factor). Fe is on the run from the Chivalric Order from feir own kingdom, presumably because of some political scheming by feir brother, and travels from town to town. So far, feir travels have taken fem and feir companions to Tashtoria (ch. 2-6), an elven village (ch. 7), Damiemi (ch. 8-13), a trafficking ship (ch. 14-15), and Dunia (ch. 16-present). Several of these places are dealing with drug problems, with bad leadership, and/or with demons. Fe acts in feir manly and protective way and punches anybody who deserves to be punched, gaining allies and the general respect of the masses along the way. There is some non-nippled toplessness on Ryuu's part, but it's more for comedic effect than for sensuality. [Reviewed chapter 19]

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